Backlit & Lighted Canopy

Because your brand doesn’t set with the sun.

Backlit & Lighted Canopy

Lighted and Backlit Awnings bring attention to your business at night and offer lighted areas for customer walking, shopping or transaction areas. This helps your brand become more prominent and recognizable to potential customers and clients, no matter what time it is. Displaying your business in a noticeable way will improve your success! Not only will this awning help illumniate your brand image, it can be used for accessibility as well, for example, over a long walkway entrance. Don't let potential business walk around in the dark!

More Backlit & Lighted Canopy Systems


  • Lighted awnings can be above and outside the awning or underneath the canopy
  • It provides illumination for the awning itself, or for the space under the awning
  • With low opacity fabric, the entire awning can be illuminated displaying business branding or signage
  • Comes in a variety of colors and styles

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