Fabric Selection

Customize your outdoor living space! Solid colors that compliment your home and style. Multi-colored stripes that shout team pride. Block stripes that give your deck that little extra punch you’ve been looking for. Majestic Awning offers thousands of durable fabrics to choose from. Finally, your Retractable Awning can be as unique as you are.

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Choose Your Fabric

Fabrics come in a range of colors and a variety of patterns and textures. Finding the right fabric that compliments your home style has never been easier. Bold and exciting, or simple and classic, we have the fabric just for you. 

Below are our featured companies along with five of their most popular swatches to get you started

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Aurora D,
Cliffside Park, NJ

I would definitely recommend Majestic Awning. There were thousands of fabric options to choose from. I found the colors and styles perfect for my home and studio! I’m very happy with Majestic. Thank you!


Retractable Awning Options

Para Tempotest

Featuring Italian heritage and expertise, the Para Industrial Group is known for producing premium high-performance textiles. With dedicated attention to detail of every facet of design and manufacturing, you can be sure these “Made in Italy” fabrics are synonymous with high-end quality, style, and service.


Featuring durable, expertly crafted fabrics, Sunbrella is known for its lasting strength, unique designer collections, and easy cleanability. With a focus on always advancing and developing new fabrics and techniques, you can be sure Sunbrella is one of the most exceptional performance textiles you can buy.




Featuring fabrics that offer outstanding protection against the sun, weather, and UV rays, Sattler USA is one of the leading manufacturers of technical textiles. With fabrics that are anti-glare, weatherproof, and durable high quality, Sattler is fusing high tech fabrics with high demand sophistication and function.

Sport Your Team Colors

Matching your Retractable Awning to your favorite sports team has never been easier!

With a variety of bold and multi-color stripes to choose from, your home can show off your team pride. From the iconic Yankee pinstripes to the classic Jets colors and beyond, showcasing team spirit and pride has never been more stylish.



Valence Styles

Valences add a distinct touch to your awning. Different shapes and cuts add a unique look that’s all your own. Choose one of our featured 6 styles for that finishing touch to your awning.



Durable fabrics, with proper maintenance, can last for years. Protect your investment with proper cleaning and added protective coatings that prevent mildew and sun damage.

Remember, always retract your awning during high winds and inclement weather to protect your fabric.

By ensuring you have the perfect high-quality fabric, your new Retractable Awning will be an integral part of your home for the next ten years and beyond.




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