Zen Gardens & Spaces for Your Backyard

How to Pick the Perfect Location 

When planning a zen garden or area in your backyard, it helps to find the perfect location. 
Many people opt to have their zen garden located in a part of the yard that is visible from the inside. Whether it be through your kitchen or bedroom window, having your perfectly designed zen garden visible from inside your home increases the feelings of peace and relaxation.  
Even if you don�t have time to go relax in your zen garden, seeing it every day can help the stress melt away. We all know how nice it is to look outside and see the yard of our dreams just steps away. 
Where is the best place to create your zen space? Pick a relatively flat and shady area to put in your zen garden to keep landscaping and gardening easy to maintain while maximizing the relaxing effects. 
If you don�t have natural shade present in your backyard, you can take advantage of your stylish, durable and functional awning or pergola from Majestic Awnings to fully achieve the zen garden of your dreams.  

Updating Your Landscape  

Many zen spaces incorporate raked gravel and stepping stones. If you are looking to keep things low-maintenance and more traditional, gravel and stones are the way to go. Using landscaping fabric beneath the gravel keeps weeds at bay while decreasing the amount of maintenance you�ll need to do going forward.  

Zen Garden Plants 

Zen gardens are all about minimalism and visually appealing areas that keep things relaxing and peaceful. Consider incorporating garden plants into the area to make it feel more authentic. 
Great options for zen garden plants: 
Japanese Maple 
Japanese Boxwood 
Painted Lady Fern 
Garden Juniper 
The goal of zen garden plants is to keep things feeling natural and harmonious without needing too much maintenance or manicuring. 
The above plants are low maintenance while still achieving the balanced effect of nature that promotes feelings of peace and relaxation.  

Pergolas and Awnings To Maximize Relaxation and Seclusion 

One of the primary goals of zen gardens and spaces is the balance between nature and human structures. 
With Majestic Awning, you can find the perfect awning or pergola style and accessories to incorporate into and complete your zen garden. 
Our many styles and fabrics include natural tones to help maintain the zen garden feel. Check out our expansive supply to add a bit more seclusion, privacy, and comfort to your slice of peace right in your own backyard.  


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