Rethink Your Backyard

Purchasing a brand new awning is an exciting time. This luxurious and practical addition to your home introduces the perfect opportunity to give your backyard a fresh start.  
The team behind Majestic Awning has put together a few classic, modern, and creative design ideas that will help you give your backyard the makeover that fits your family�s needs.  
Redesigning Your Backyard Has Never Been Easier! 

A Great Place to Relax! 

New furniture allows you to kick back and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Nothing quite says rest and relaxation after a hard day�s work like a comfortable chair in your backyard.  
Investing in comfortable and durable furniture is the perfect way to spruce up the backyard. Think teak, aluminum, synthetic resin, and powder-coated steel. Choose fabrics and cushions that are UV and water-resistant. Hammocks are also a great way to sit back, relax, and let the stress melt away.  
In short, your new furniture should deliver comfort and support, all while withstanding exposure to the elements- and looking great! 

A Great Place To Entertain! 

Expanding your living space comes with extra perks. Re-invent your backyard into the perfect place for stress-free entertaining.  
Adding an outdoor grill or kitchen can be a worthwhile investment if you plan on hosting and cooking outdoors. Create a functional and stylish space perfect for guests and the home chef alike! 
Rethink watching movies on the big screen with your private backyard theater. Get the thrill of watching your favorite characters on the large screen with surround sound combined with privacy and comfort.  
Lastly, keep the party going into the night with additional outdoor lighting. Think fire pits, path lights, or wall-mounted lights. Invest in commercial-grade lights that will last through the elements.  

Kid Friendly! 

Create a space in your backyard that�s safe and perfect for kids of all ages. Allowing children a safe space in your home where they are welcome to play, decompress, and relax is the perfect addition to your home.  
Adding a dedicated play area will keep children entertained all year round. Customize to your family's needs and wants by turning your backyard space into a thriving activity area.  

What to Consider� 

There are a myriad of interesting ways to personalize your backyard. When choosing furniture and lighting, it is always a good practice to consider local wildlife and environmental friendliness.  
Light pollution may disrupt your human and animal neighbors. Keep in mind any nocturnal and migratory animals that you share your backyard with. Design and choose your light and furniture fixtures with care to minimize your impact on the environment.  
Together, we can all do our part to keep the planet safe for generations to come.  


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