Planned Communities & Majestic Awning

Maximize Space With Luxurious Pergolas 

The pergolas from Majestic Awning are stylish, functional, and durable. 
They dramatically increase the space where residents can spend time outside without being subject to the elements. 
With shade protection from motorized screens, retractable awnings, and pergolas, residents can enjoy the beautiful community they live in while also getting the benefit of rain protection and refuge from the sweltering heat of the sun. 
When the weather gets nice, everyone wants to spend more time outside. Offering a shaded and protected space means more time outside without relying on the weather to cooperate.  
Many communities offer gyms, recreation halls, pools, and clubhouses for their residents to socialize and have fun. Neglecting to use your outdoor space is a waste of valuable square footage. 
Adding a pergola or retractable awning can dramatically increase the amount of usable space at your residents disposal to take in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  

Transform Outdoor Spaces 
Pergolas, awnings, and other outdoor furnishings truly transform outdoor spaces. 
Whether you host movie night or a community meet and greet, it is helpful to have established, comfortable, and functional areas for your residents to relax, unwind, and appreciate all that their community offers. 
Pergolas are more permanent structures, with a lifetime of up to 30 years, that add a good deal of class and style to any outdoor space. Retractable and fixed awnings are another great way to provide more comfort and function to the outdoor spaces in your community.  

Create Community Space With Outdoor Shade Solutions 

Whether you geared your planned community towards families or seniors, having great outdoor space grants entertainment, recreation, and relaxation for the residents that live there.
Planned communities are all about offering safety and security, convenience, and entertaining recreation for their residents. 
By incorporating outdoor solutions from Majestic Awning, you can achieve all this and more for your community.  
Besides making life at your planned community more fun and relaxing for your current residents, having intentional community spaces also attracts new residents. Invest in the quality of your outdoors spaces to make your community even more attractive to new residents.  


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