It's Fall! Pergola Care Tips and Tricks

It’s Fall! Pergola Care Tips and Tricks 


Caring for Your Investment 

As summer winds down and the weather cools, you can be thankful that your Pergola keeps you in the shade. Under your pergola is still the perfect way to spend an afternoon or weekend. 

But, just like you, your investment needs a little self-care. 


Light Cleaning Tips for a Pergola 

Your pergola is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Light cleaning will keep it fine-tuned for years. 

  • Brush off dirt and leaves with a soft bristle brush 

  • Hose down the pergola, especially any soiled areas 

  • Rinse thoroughly 

  • Wipe dry 

Pro Tip: Use a quality auto detergent and brush to remove dirt, debris, and any organic resin. 


Pergola Care 

Pergolas need a little extra TLC during the summer months. Take care of your pergola by performing minor maintenance of the louvers and gutters. 


If your pergola has acquired mildew, be sure to: 

  • Hose down the affected area 

  • Use a solution of detergent, T.S.P., sodium hypochlorite, and water 

  • Rinse thoroughly 

  • Wipe dry 

Detergent Solution 

1/3 cup detergent 

2/3 cup trisodium phosphate powder 

1 quart sodium hypochlorite 5% (eg Clorox) 

3 quarts water 


Louver Care 

Keep your louvers in excellent shape with these simple tips. Be sure to: 

  • Open the louvers and unplug the control box if you leave for an extended period 


  • If louvers aren't operating, check if the control box has power. 

  • Unplug the control box, wait a minute, then plug in the box once again to reset the system. 

Pro Tip: If the pergola is in a summer house, be sure to keep the louvers open ahead of snow, heavy winds, and winter weather.


Schedule your Louver Maintenance ahead of time. 

Majestic Awning offers spring and fall louver servicing and maintenance for $499.

Included in your maintenance:

  • 2-3 Hours of Cleaning 

  • Cleaning of the Louvers

  • Ensuring the motors are working

  • Testing of the System

Internal Gutter Care 

A clogged gutter may cause water to spill over and damage the pergola. Be sure to: 

  • Ensure gutters are clear, so water can run off the louvers and into the downspouts 

Pro Tip: Be aware of trees that may shed near your pergola that may clog the gutters with leaves and debris. 


Quality Technology Deserves Quality Care 

Pergolas go hand-in-hand with the final hot days of fall and the shorter, cool days leading up to winter. They’re perfect to sit under while enjoying a BBQ with family or watching the kids play. 

Bringing these moments to life takes just a little maintenance, great friends, and your investment. 

Caring for your pergola this autumn with some light cleaning will keep it going strong this fall and beyond. Your fall memories begin under your pergola. 




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