It's Fall!! Awning Care Tips and Tricks

It’s Fall! Awning Care Tips and Tricks 


Caring for Your Investment 

As summer winds down and the weather cools, you can be thankful that your Retractable Awning keeps you in the shade. Under your awning is still the perfect way to spend an afternoon or weekend. 

But, just like you, your investment needs a little self-care. 


Your retractable awning requires minimal maintenance. However, there are a few things to monitor, especially during the autumnal season. 

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your awning looking new. Even while surrounded by the colorful leaves of autumn. 


Light Cleaning Tips For a Retractable Awning

Your awning needs minimal care to keep it looking like new for years! By monitoring your awning’s small needs, you’ll avoid big repair charges down the line. 

  • Remove any pollution, smog, or particles with mild soapy water 

  • Remove organic debris (such as leaves, sap, or resin) with a soft brush. 

  • For stubborn stains or mildew, clean with a diluted bleach/soap mixture. 

  • Allow the soapy mixture to soak into the fabric for up to 15 minutes. 

  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap. 

  • Air dry completely before folding. 

Pro Tip: Remember to use only mild soaps like Woolite, Dawn, or Ivory. 


Retractable Awning Care 

Awnings are the perfect addition to any house. Take care of your awning this season as you would any other part of your home. 

  • Be sure to remove all soap/bleach mixtures and completely air dry. 

  • Do not fold, crease, or wrinkle while wet. 

  • Hose down any dirt or debris. 

  • Close your awning during a storm or high winds. 

  • If applicable, check if batteries are needed or if any wires are frayed. 

Pro Tip: Never wet the motor part of the awning. 


Purchasing a New Fabric 

Choosing a new fabric is easy. Majestic Awning has thousands of fabrics to choose from! Choose from an array of: 

  • Fabrics 

  • Patterns 

  • Solid colors 

  • Style 

The only limit is your imagination! 


Quality Technology Deserves Quality Care 

Retractable Awnings go hand-in-hand with the final hot days of fall and the shorter, cool days leading up to winter. They’re perfect to sit under while enjoying a BBQ with family or watching the kids play. 

Bringing these moments to life takes a little maintenance, great friends, and your investment. 

Caring for your awning this autumn with some light cleaning will keep it going strong this fall and beyond. Your fall memories begin under your awning. 




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