How Restaurants Are Doubling Or Tripling Their Profitable Floor Space With Modern Pergolas

How Restaurants Are Doubling Or Tripling Their Profitable Floor Space With Modern Pergolas 


There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a glass of wine on an outdoor patio and your favorite local restaurant. Enjoying your meals and drinks with the beauty of outdoor seating brings the dining experience to the next level.  

With modern pergolas, more and more restaurants are taking advantage of the increase in profitable floor space as well as the allure of outdoor eating for their customers. Having the option to dine inside or outside opens up options for your customers to have the best dining experience at your establishment.  

Let’s look into how doubling or tripling your profitable space can make your restaurant better than ever! 


Reclaim Wasted Outdoor Floor Space! 

If there isn’t the comforting shade of an awning or pergola on your outdoor space, chances are there is a limited amount of people who want to sit and eat their meals at the mercy of the elements. While sitting outside in the sun may be nice in the spring or fall, it can quickly get much too warm in the sun without the shelter of a pergola.  

With modern pergolas, you can: 

  • Reclaim outdoor space to double or even triple usable space.  

  • Have additional options for seatings depending on your customers’ preference.  

  • Create a lovely environment for your customer’s to have a great experience.  

  • Increase the curb appeal of your establishment.  


Outfit For Maximum Comfort Year-Round 

In addition to shade and rain protection, restaurants have the option to outfit their perolas for maximum comfort year round. Here are some ways Majestic Awnings helps you to provide customers the opportunity to enjoy newly reclaimed outdoor space no matter what season it is.  

  • Add outdoor heaters for comfort in the colder months.  

  • Add screens to the pergola to keep pesky bugs out of the scene.  

  • Add commercial-grade lights to set the scene for late-night customers. 

Dream big on how you can incorporate modern pergolas to your restaurant’s outdoor dining space. Whether you include fire pits, path lights, or outdoor heaters, you’ll have the perfect canvas to use your imagination to create a truly incredible space. 


Transforming Outdoor Restaurant Space 

There’s something alluring about passing a quaint cafe with outdoor seating in a comfort and welcoming environment. Sometimes customers feel called to enjoy their drinks and meals outside only to quickly realize the sun is a bit too bright and the umbrellas aren’t quite providing the relief needed to comfortably enjoy their dining experience.  

Restaurants are solving this problem by incorporating the stylish and sleek shelter of modern pergolas. With so many options to choose from with Majestic Awnings, there is truly an option for every brand image and color scheme so your outdoor space seamlessly blends with your restaurant’s interior design.  

Choose from: 

  • Fabrics 

  • Patterns 

  • Solid colors 

  • Style 

Find exactly what you need to increase your profitable floor space and look good doing it! 



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